Fly Fishing At Lenches Lakes

Fly Fishing Update May 30th 2021

Thank you to all who have enjoyed the last couple of months fishing with us. It has been a pleasure welcoming Fly Fishers back, we all seem to have gained a delightfully fresh appreciation of how fortunate we all are to be able to enjoy our leisure time pursuing our hobbies.

As is the way of the summer months the water temperature is now steadily creeping up, this morning it is at 18 degrees Celsius.  The fishing has slowed down as the temperatures rise, the last few days have seen trout go out on tiny buzzers, dries and the other end of the scale huge glitzy Cats Whiskers and an array of sparkly lures. The recent warmth welcomed Mayfly around both lakes.

We will look to Close the lakes to Fly Fishing on Sunday 13t June, if not before.

 All fishermen to have Catch and Keep tickets – £24 for two fish without time restrictions.

Booking prior to your visit is essential please phone 01386 871035 or email to reserve your Fishing Place.

Wishing you all well

Amanda, Simon and Team.

Lenches Lakes Fishery is open from Monday 29 March 2021 – There are Covid measures in place which dictate we limit numbers around the lake.

Booking in advance is required. By phone or email, please let us know which day you would like to fish and your arrival time. We will be putting a booking and payment system onto our Website shortly.

The Clubhouse is closed to all, Fishermen will be required to sign and pay on the Decking area. Preferred payment method by contactless card or exact cash.

Current Covid 19 restrictions and Social Distancing apply at all time.

Please bring your own refreshments.

The toilet facilities will be open

Please phone 01386 871035 or email to reserve your place

Two types of tickets are available both at £30 and 4 hours time limit

Catch and Keep – 3 Fish

Catch and Release – Catch and Keep the first one and continue on a Catch and Release basis for up to 10 fish. Barbless hooks only

The Loyalty Card Scheme (come fishing nine times and get the tenth one on us) is in operation please bring your cards to sign – or help yourself to a card when you sign in

Opening Days /hours –

Fly Fishers may arrive from 8.30 – (earlier start times may be made by prior arrangement)

We are closed to Fly Fishing on Saturdays all day and Thursday mornings

Sunday mornings (10.00- 12.00) half of the top lake, the half nearest the Clubhouse will be used for Lifeguard Open Water Swimming Training. Fly Fishers will be able to fish the far end of the top lake and all of the lower lake whilst training is in progress.

Summer Trophy 2021 – 18 April 2021

With limits on how many fishermen can fish at any one time around the lakes we will host two fishing sessions to accommodate all who would like to fish. Morning Session – fishing to start at 8.00 finish at 12.00, afternoon Session – fishing start at 13.30 finish at 17.30. The Winner will be announced at the end of the day, those fishing in the morning will be advised by email, text message.

Morning session  – meet at 7.30 for bacon sandwich and tea/coffee. Fishing starts at 08.00hrs finishes at 12.00 hrs

Afternoon session meet at 13.00 – for soup/roll. Fishing starts at 13.30 finishes at 17.30 hrs

A four fish/ four hour competition, the individual whose four fish weigh the heaviest takes the title and trophy for the year, has their name engraved on the Clubhouse Honours Board and wins a Three Fish / five hour Fishing ticket .

Entry –  £40

If you would like to enter the Summer Trophy 2021 please contact the Clubhouse to reserve your place.
Telephone 01386 871035

Fly Fishing Instruction by Ed Noyes

Introductions to Fly Fishing, Improvers, Casting/fishing tuition. We are keen to offer some instruction for those looking to embrace Fly Fishing as beginners or improvers. With Coronavirus restriction guidelines in place we are offering  1:1 or 1:2 from the same household /bubble

A three hours lakeside session followed by one hour fishing, includes all equipment, tea/coffee and a breakfast sandwich. Minimum of one person maximum of two. Cost  £85 per person

To book please email or phone the Clubhouse  01386 871035

Dates available:- Friday April 2nd,Saturday 3rd April, 10th April, 17th April, 24th April, May 1st, 15th and 22nd

Please contact Clubhouse to reserve a place

Evening Casting Practice Session with Ed Noyes

Wednesday 28th April, 12th May, 19th May and 26th May

18.30 hrs to 20.00 hrs

£10 per person per session

Booking via email  or phone the Clubhouse 01386 871035

Maximum of four persons per session.

Fly fishing is available from early October, dependant on water temperatures allowing restocking – please contact us for further information. The fishing season runs until May 31st.  Please note we are closed to fly fishing on Mondays.

We offer  fly fishers two wonderfully mature spring fed lakes, Spring Lake and Whitsun Lake, both approximately 3 acres in surface area with good depths of up to twenty feet / 6 metres. Around the two lakes there are thirty fishing stands, most of which have seats for our fly fishers comfort.

Rainbow, Blue, Spartic and Brown trout are stocked, the majority are 2lb in weight. Lenches Lakes boast a terrific fly fishing community, camaraderie is key. We host social competitions such as Mystery Partner, Icicle Challenge, Single Fly and Summer Trophy. Frequently larger trout are stocked to keep fly fishers on their toes. Presently the lakes record is a Rainbow of 16lb 2oz and a Brown of 10lb 4oz.

We pride ourselves on offering fly fisher fine, healthy Rainbows. Their welfare is priority resulting in fit and tasty fish to cook whole, steaks, or fillet. Lenches Lakes also offers a cold smoking service where you can leave your fish with us. It is filleted, cured, cold smoked, sliced and vacuum packed.

Continual water management renders the water relatively weed free, we support a phenomenal diversity of entomology many of which are dependent on underwater plants as their host.

Lenches Lakes organize instructional sessions throughout the year – Learn how to fly fish, Improve your fly fishing skills and knowledge. Please see our refer Events calendar for details.

Catch and Kill tickets available throughout season. Catch and Release tickets available only when the water temperature hits single Celsius figures.

For details of Fishing Ticket prices please click here

To buy a fishing licence online – please click here

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