Fly Fishing At Lenches Lakes

Fly Fishing Update – Annual Summer Closure 2020

Saturday 23rd May will be the last day of Fly Fishing before our annual closure to fishing for the summer. We hope to restock during September when the water temperature permits the Rainbows to thrive – we will keep the website updated when restocking begins. Wishing all a wonderful summer

Safest wishes from all at Lenches Lakes

Fly fishing is available from early October, dependant on water temperatures allowing restocking – please contact us for further information. The fishing season runs until May 31st.  Please note we are closed to fly fishing on Mondays.

We offer  fly fishers two wonderfully mature spring fed lakes, Spring Lake and Whitsun Lake, both approximately 3 acres in surface area with good depths of up to twenty feet / 6 metres. Around the two lakes there are thirty fishing stands, most of which have seats for our fly fishers comfort.

Rainbow, Blue, Spartic and Brown trout are stocked, the majority are 2lb in weight. Lenches Lakes boast a terrific fly fishing community, camaraderie is key. We host social competitions such as Mystery Partner, Icicle Challenge, Single Fly and Summer Trophy. Frequently larger trout are stocked to keep fly fishers on their toes. Presently the lakes record is a Rainbow of 16lb 2oz and a Brown of 10lb 4oz.

We pride ourselves on offering fly fisher fine, healthy Rainbows. Their welfare is priority resulting in fit and tasty fish to cook whole, steaks, or fillet. Lenches Lakes also offers a cold smoking service where you can leave your fish with us. It is filleted, cured, cold smoked, sliced and vacuum packed.

Continual water management renders the water relatively weed free, we support a phenomenal diversity of entomology many of which are dependent on underwater plants as their host.

Lenches Lakes organize instructional sessions throughout the year – Learn how to fly fish, Improve your fly fishing skills and knowledge. Please see our refer Events calendar for details.

Catch and Kill tickets available throughout season. Catch and Release tickets available only when the water temperature hits single Celsius figures.

For details of Fishing Ticket prices please click here

To buy a fishing licence online – please click here

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