Beyond Swim Wristbands

Lenches Lakes is committed to the safety of its open water swimmers and is constantly looking for ways to improve safety without compromising the overall experience of open water swimming.

We are collaborating with Beyond Swim to run a pilot scheme trialling a new safety system for swimmers to facilitate a rapid response should a medical event occur, additionally they will serve as Swimmer Tracker.  A swimmer scans their Wristband as they enter the water and again as they exit the water. The Beyond Swim Safety band is yours to use  at anytime, i.e. cycling, walking, swimming at other venues, mountaineering etc.  In any situation  should you need a rapid medical response, your emergency details are all their on your wrist. You can activate and deactivate it as and when you want.

There is no annual subscription or membership fees associated with the Beyond Swim system – the band is yours and will only need replacing if it is lost or damaged. The price of each band, including delivery by Royal Mail 2nd Class to any UK address, is £15.95 including VAT. There is a discounted price of £12.75 for Beyond Swim Pass holders. If you are a Beyond Swim Pass holder, please email us for your unique discount code.

You will be able to use your band at Lenches Lakes from January 1st 2022.  All swimmers will be required to have a band to swim on or after 1st May 2022. You can purchase your band here:

If you have any questions about the scheme or how to purchase your band please contact Amanda at Lenches Lakes – details on our Contact page

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
Your band will have a personal QR code, your name, ICE (emergency contact) number and a primary medical condition or “No Medical Condition”. When activated, the QR code allows venue staff, paramedics and others to access more detailed personal information:

  • Personal details (name, address, DOB etc);
  • Medical conditions (one primary and unlimited secondary conditions);
  • Allergies;Medications;
  • Medical history;
  • Additional information/notes;
  • ICE contacts (name, relationship, contact numbers)

What information is available on the band and in the app?

Once you have purchased your band, you will be sent a confirmation email containing a link to download the associated app. When you receive your band it is important that you scan the QR code with the app to register the band. Once the band is registered in the app, you can complete and update your detailed personal and medical information. You can update any of your information at any time and access your check in and check out times at Lenches Lakes. The app is free to download and use and allows you to:

  • Log in securely;
  • View and edit your safety medical record including:
    o Personal details (name, address, DOB etc);
    o Medical conditions (one primary and unlimited secondary conditions);
    o Allergies;
    o Medications;
    o Medical history;
    o Additional information/notes;
    o ICE contacts (name, relationship, contact numbers).
  • View your attendance record and timings (how long you were checked in).
  •  View the prevailing air and water temperatures at the times you were checked in at Lenches Lakes.Activate and deactivate the QR code on the band to improve your own safety when undertaking any sporting activity, whether alone or in a group.
  • Disable the QR code on the band in the event it is lost or stolen.

Who can see the information on the band?
To protect your privacy, the QR code will only be scannable while you are logged into any of the pilot venues and will remain locked at all other times unless you choose to activate it (for example if you are swimming, cycling or running alone). While logged into a pilot venue or when the QR code has been activated by you, anyone with a smartphone will be able to scan the QR code and access the ICE and medical information, saving valuable time in an emergency. As a failsafe against technical issues, the most important medical information and ICE are also printed on the band.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you deactivate the QR code on the band by checking out of a venue or deactivating it through the app after use.

What happens if I don’t download the app/complete the information?
If you don’t download the app or complete the detailed personal information, this will be flagged the first time you try to check in to a participating venue. You will not be able to use your band to check into the venue until you have filled in your detailed information.

How long does dispatch and delivery take?
We dispatch the majority of orders the same or next working day, although at peak times and at the start of a working week it might take a couple of days for your order to ship. Once we ship your order, it can take up to 10 working days for UK delivery.

Are the bands plastic?
No, the bands are all made from silicone. This is the same material as standard “charity” bands are made from.

Do the flatbands contain latex?
Our bands are made from pure silicone and a special spray oil for the outer coating to give the colour and the soft, smooth touch. They do not contain any latex.

Can I wear my band 24/7?
We have had some testing done by runners and they have been wearing their bands 24/7 without a problem. Whilst we would still not recommend this, you can certainly wear the flatbands for a long time without a problem.

Can I return my band?
As each band you order is specifically personalised to your requirements, we are unable to accept returns for any item unless the item is faulty.

I am a guest visitor to the venue – do I need to purchase a band?
Most participating venues hold a small stock of bands for use by guest visitors for a small fee. The venue will load your details onto the band when you arrive and the band can be used throughout your visit.

I’ve forgotten my band – can I still check into a participating venue?
Most participating venues hold a small stock of bands for use by guest visitors for a small fee. We suggest you call the venue to find out if a guest band is available for use during your visit.

My personal information, medical conditions or ICE have changed – how do I update them?
You can update any of your details in the member app on your mobile phone. If your primary medical condition or ICE have changed, you can choose to order a new band through our website – simply select this option in the member app.

I’ve lost or damaged my band – can I order a new one?
You can order a new band at any time through the member app on your phone.

Can I order bands for other people?
Yes, you can order as many items as you need for as many people as you like provided you have their email address and ICE details.