Chill Lenches Lakes

11/09/2021 @ 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm
Lenches Lakes
Evesham Rd
Evesham WR11 4UB
£150 for 8 session course
Amanda Badger

The benefit of cold water immersion for the treatment of depression and anxiety has long been known and practised. Immersion in cold water gradually reduces stress levels in everyday life and generates a greater sense of wellbeing

A CHILL LENCHES LAKES course consists of eight one-hour sessions.  Each hour session is a structured progressive session introducing participants to the Chill and helping all to embrace it.

This is an extended introduction to open water swimming, focusing on physical and mental health. Each session is comprised of:-

  • Theory – to increase swimmers understanding of the bodies physiological responses to cold water
  • Safe practices for swimmers before, during and after a swim
  • Warm up/breath work
  • Key Safety considerations in any open water location
  • Water Entry- Acclimatisation practices
  • Water activities /practices
  • Session revision whilst Reheating Hot drinks and cake.

The sessions are fully supervised with a Lenches Lakes Chill Coach and Lenches Lakes Lifeguard

Maximum candidates in each session eight, minimum five.

The Chill session group will have sole use of the lake, lakeside and reheat room.

Cost – £150 per person, which includes eight progressive one hour sessions, Chill Hat, Refreshments, Chill Coach and Lifeguard.

Fully guided open water swim sessions to naturally help manage anxiety and depression. A safe opportunity to improve your physical and mental health whilst giving you the information and skills you require to keep you safe wherever you embrace the Chill.

Dates for Chill Lenches – September  (eight one hour sessions)

  1. Saturday 11 September 12.30 pm
  2. Saturday 18 September 12.30 pm
  3. Sunday 19 September 10.00 am
  4. Saturday 25 September 12.30pm
  5. Saturday 2 October 2.30 pm
  6. Sunday 3 October 10.00 am
  7. Saturday 9 October 2.30 pm
  8. Sunday 10 October  10.00 am

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