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Fly Fish The Evening Rise – 18 April 2019

A new event – Fish the Evening Rise Most evenings many fish come on the feed however not many fly fishers come to fish for them ! Try your hand at the evening rise with fellow fly fishers , bring small dry flies, nymphs and a big lure just in case. Beginners very welcome / […]

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Supported Fly Fishing Sessions

If you are new to fly fishing or had a lesson or two and are keen to put it all into action you may be interested in coming along on Saturday 9th of February and Saturday 9th March for a Instructor supported fly fishing session. 09.30– 13.30. The idea is :- You buy a regular […]

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Fly Fishing News January 2019

If you love Fly Fishing you need to come for a session in January . Water is pristine, trout are actively hunting, if the weather is too cool for fly hatches those tiny fry are easy food for our trout. Catch and Release Tickets are available alongside the Catch and Kill tickets whilst the water […]

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Fly Fishing Newsletter January 2019

Happy New Year and what a brilliant cold start to January. Perfect for Fly Fishing here at Lenches Lakes because guess what we stocked in both lakes during November and December – SPARTICS , SPARTICS, SPARTICS with the water temperature hovering around 3 degrees Celsius, they are in their element. Spartics are a cross between […]

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Fly Fishing Update – 9th October 2018

We reopened the lakes to fly fishing on Monday 1st October. The four summer months; June, July, August and September saw water temperatures peak at 26 degrees Celsius. This was our first officially ‘closed to fishing summer’, during which we opened the top lake (Spring Lake) to Open Water swimming. This was a wonderful exercise, […]

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Winter Fly Fishing

Winter Fly Fishing brings out our stalwarts. Those loyal Fly Fishers who embrace a day’s weather conditions and pit their wits to tempt a Rainbow out of the pristine, clear and chilly water. The majority are prepared, wrapped up with thermal base layer, warm waterproofs, a vast array of hand warmers. I particularly favour the […]

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