Spring Update

“If you only carry one thing throughout your entire life, let it be ‘Hope’.

Let it be hope that better things are always ahead. Let it be hope that you can get through even the toughest of times. Let it be hope that you are stronger than any challenge that comes your way. Let it be hope that you are exactly where you are meant to be right now, and that you are on the path to where you are meant to be … because during these times, hope will be the very thing that carries you through”
– Nikki Banas

We very much wish that this update finds you well.  As a nation we’ve gone through a lot in this last 2 years. For starters a global pandemic that brought  devastation, fear, isolation, and a quiet panic to so many. Then as we journeyed into 2022 the horror of the War in Ukraine brought fresh outrage ……….mix that with covid which feels like it is more around us than ever, rising fuel costs and our own personal struggles and the future can look bleak.

In these times I’ve found myself drawn to quotes, initially for comfort but then for strength and as we’ve moved into Spring, I found myself drawn to this one about Hope (above).

Spring, I feel, is a season of hope, with its promise of  things to come, of ‘new beginnings’, of ‘re-birth’, of colour. Nature awakens in the Spring, we start to wake in the mornings with light instead of darkness, with birds singing instead of being silent.

Spring brings with it much needed warmth, those first sunny days with blue, blue skies,  we gaze in wonderment, how we’ve missed the colour of that sky ……….

Spring blasts us with fierce northerly winds and surprise rain showers ….yes, the showers can bring back the ‘gloom’ but they also make everything so green and alive with vivid colour. The winds too bring choppy water and smiles to swimmers faces. ‘Oh my it’s like being in the sea’ one swimmer cried, laughing as she ‘battled’ the waves last Thursday morning at the lake.

Spring still can surprise with unexpected sublime frosty mornings, alongside beautiful sunrises, and accompanying sunsets. Here at the lake the trees are budding with exquisite blossom and catkins. Bluebells again finding their place within the woodlands and along the hedgerows. The geese grace us with their presence on the water, one just the other day making its presence known, flapping & chatting as swimmers stroked the water, in and out the goose went, like some merry dance and didn’t bat an eyelid as I kayaked up to it but instead hopped out past me as if to say, ‘it’s my lake too you know’. Ducks too amble on by, quacking more as they go, and it won’t be long before their little ducklings swim alongside them too…………..

The water is becoming warmer, which buys us time, time in the water to practice our stroke for challenges to come, time to ‘just be’ as we take in the changing sounds and scenes.  For me Spring is signified by my first sight of a fish flipping over out of the water, which as many times as I’ve seen it, never fails to take my breath away. I shouted with glee when it happened in front of me a couple of weeks ago . Muntjac and Roe Deer roam without a care, it was before the start of Spring but well into the new year when on the morning of a swim session a muntjac  ran past the edge of the lake, almost up to the clubhouse and then behind it making everyone who saw it gasp with excitement.

Pheasants and Partridge too abound, we are blessed with an abundant variety of birds, the true gems in our crown being the Kingfishers and Owls. Some of us were lucky enough to spot a kingfisher this time last year, I hope we get as lucky this year………….the vivid beauty of the vibrant blue never fails to amaze.

The water in both lakes has an extraordinary clarity. Just the other day I was lucky enough to swim in the bottom lake one morning as the sun broke through the clouds and dappled over the water. I stopped, took off my goggles and as I gazed at the sky and down into the water it broke through my dilapidated spirit and made me smile. It’s ‘okay’ I thought ……………..

Our world is waking up to a new season and reminding us that it and we are ever evolving and renewing. Spring brings us back to the ‘here and now’ to the wonders of nature.

So when your world feels lost, I ask you to look around whilst you swim / walk and fish …………what can you hear? what can you see?……….. look up, look around and I challenge you not to smile …………….

One of the greatest joys when looking after swimmers, is the camaraderie between all, the safety team and swimmers, swimmers and swimmers, to hear chatter on the lake. Even better is to hear chatter off the lake now too, as friends/family/spectators come back to support the swimmers & fisherman and enjoy the surroundings, staying later as they chat, drink, and eat their bacon sarnies in the warmth of the Spring sunshine.

As well as mother nature at its finest with this Spring Season, unlike the last, we get to enjoy it together instead of in isolation. We can now embrace it, we can embrace each other, and really celebrate this new season together! Hope has brought with it the opportunities again to visit new places, to explore, to have fun, together in nature. Let’s embrace that and the rewards it brings, camaraderie, friendship, family, the joys of human nature side by side with the joys of mother nature. This Easter we can smile together rather than 2 meters apart ………..let’s just hope the sun is shining ……..

So to what more is happening at Lenches Lakes in the weeks/months to come ………….

Fly Fishing

  We offer our finest Fly Fishing in the  late spring /early summer as the water temperature steadily warms up, fly life ramps up , water clarity comparable to the finest of gins, lakeside flora and fauna indulgently entertaining and those feisty Rainbow trout actively patrolling all areas .

Just a reminder to all to book their place to fish for the Summer Trophy on the 8th May as places are going fast. Then sadly we say goodbye to the seasons fishing, with the last full day of fishing being on Tuesday 31st May.

Fishing ticket prices will increase when we reopen in the Autumn, the season starting when water cools down (this is usually towards the end of September/beginning of October) . We will get then be busy organising the ‘Mystery Partner Fishing Competition’ towards the end of October 22.

Caravans and Camping

I say with great joy that both sites are now fully open with use of facilities – toilets and showers. It is such a delight to see bookings full for the Easter Weekend after we were unable to offer facilities during covid.

Summer Swimming – 1st May

First, we want to welcome all to our Summer Season, which starts on 1st May (as long as water temperature is above 11 degrees). We have set the price of our regular swim sessions at £10 for 1 hr which now includes a hot drink (previously £1).     Costs of living have increased for all of us which affects Lenches Lakes too. But we want to make swimming as affordable as we can, hence we have increased the options of our Swim Passes to provide greater discounts. For example our £50 & £100 swim passes bring down the price per swim to £9.09 and a £200 swim pass to £8.30 a swim; with the £400 swim pass making price per swim just £8. Friends have ‘clubbed’ together to buy swim passes, a great idea which helps spread the cost even further! Click here to purchase

Summer Solstice Swims – 21st June  – Sunrise and Sunset

The word “solstice” comes from the Latin words “sol” (sun) and “stitium” (still or stopped). The summer solstice is seen by some to represent a time of ‘ascension and the rebirth or return of the light. Spiritually, the sun’s light is thought to be the same light that shines within each human being. It’s the time of year to get rid of old, dark energy and realign with yourself, your mind and your body’. The summer solstice is a great time to set goals, consider your life path, and create more abundant happiness in your life! So please do come and join us. Click here to book

Endurance / Longer Swim Sessions – 5th June /3rd July/7th August/ 4th September

Four sessions for maximum time in the water – 1 x 2 hour/ 4hour/8hour and 12hour swim session.  With temperatures on the rise, the warmer water allows for longer swims, it’s hard to imagine now but in the Summer of last year the temperature rose to an incredible 29 degrees!

These swims are for all, whatever your reason to stay in the water longer, whether to train for a challenge or just to enjoy the water with friends! Click here to book

Platinum Jubilee /Crown or Tiara  Swim – 2nd June (Thursday)

During your regular swim session, you are invited to get the creative juices flowing and don your own crown/tiara. The ”Top Royal Tiara and Celebratory Crown’ will be recognised with jubilant tremendous prizes!! Click here to book

Whitsun Lake Swims – 19 June, 17 July, 21 August, 18 September.

There will be two one hour sessions starting at 9.00 am and 10.00 am

A celebration of Spring and the wondrous bounties it offers! Become immersed in the flora and fauna of the irises, marsh marigolds, the island studded with trees as you swim around it. See if you can spot kingfishers and maybe a ‘daytime’ tawny owl, we even had an Osprey visit us in June one year ………

Revel in the reed warbler and the amazing colour & clarity of the water, a chance for a blissful relaxing tranquil swim. Click here to book

CHILL LENCHES LAKES – dates start from 7th May
(2nd location: Upper Bittell Reservoir – dates start from 7th June)

The benefits of cold water immersion for the treatment of depression and anxiety have long been known and practised. Immersion in cold water can gradually reduce stress levels in everyday life and help to generate a greater sense of wellbeing.

The CHILL course is intended as an extended introduction to open water swimming, focusing on physical and mental health. The course consists of eight one-hour sessions.  Each hour session is a structured progressive session introducing participants to the ‘Chill’ and helping all to embrace it.

The Chill session group will have sole use of the lake, lakeside and reheat room. Maximum candidates in each session = eight. Cost – £150 per person, to include 8 x one hour sessions, Chill Hat, Chill Coach and Lifeguard. Click here for more information

The RLSS Open Water Festival – 26th June

We are again hosting this wonderful swim festival on behalf of the Royal Life Saving Society, a great charity and local too with their head office now established on London Rd, Worcester. The work they do is incredible, and we are all much safer in the water because of it!

Various swims on offer for all ages and abilities, with all proceeds to go to the RLSS, to continue to support the fabulous work that they do all year around! Click here to book

Please use these links to see more details on all events:


Calendar of Events

Chill Lenches Lakes

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