Fly Fishing – Summer Trophy 2021

With corona virus restrictions easing we are keen to squeeze a social fishing competition in before the water gets too warm. We plan to hold the Summer Trophy on April 18th

With limits on how many fishermen can fish at any one time around the lakes we will host two fishing sessions to accommodate all who would like to fish. Morning Session – fishing to start at 8.00 finish at 12.00, afternoon Session – fishing start at 13.30 finish at 17.30. The Winner will be announced at the end of the day, those fishing in the morning will be advised by email, text message.

Morning session  – meet at 7.30 for bacon sandwich and tea/coffee. Fishing starts at 08.00hrs finishes at 12.00 hrs

Afternoon session meet at 13.00 – for soup/roll. Fishing starts at 13.30 finishes at 17.30 hrs

A four fish/ four hour competition, the individual whose four fish weigh the heaviest takes the title and trophy for the year, has their name engraved on the Clubhouse Honours Board and wins a Three Fish / five hour Fishing ticket .

Entry –  £40

If you would like to enter the Summer Trophy 2021 please contact the Clubhouse to reserve your place.
Telephone 01386 871035

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