Fly Fishing Update – 9th October 2018

We reopened the lakes to fly fishing on Monday 1st October. The four summer months; June, July, August and September saw water temperatures peak at 26 degrees Celsius. This was our first officially ‘closed to fishing summer’, during which we opened the top lake (Spring Lake) to Open Water swimming. This was a wonderful exercise, introduced many people to Lenches Lakes plus the water was used throughout the summer. Swimming came to abrupt halt with a bloom of Blue Green Algae. We had the algae tested the results informed us that we had a variety of blue green algae whose toxins could potentially damage swimmer’s livers. We had little choice but to close.

Blue Green algae is always present in the water, given the right conditions it thrives, multiples and density of cells per ml becomes obvious.

This winter we are taking measures to combat blue green algae with a natural treatment with the additional inert vegetable dye we use to prevent and slow down weeds we should hopefully maintain water clarity throughout next summer.

Restocking started during the last week of September, with water temperature at 12 degrees, restocking has been cautious. We have now put two loads of Rainbows into each lake and fly fishers are enjoying some nice takes.

As stocking density increases we should see fly fishers catching a little quicker!

Certainly by the end of this week with our third restocking scheduled for Thursday we should be back to full swing. Stocking will remain on a weekly basis, with fish coming from Torre Trout Farms Torr They have supplied us with their fine quality Rainbows, Blues and Browns for the last ten years or so, try to keep the weight at approximately 2 lb.

Hopefully, if Torre can source some heavier trout we will put a load in ready for our first social competition, Mystery Partner Competition on Sunday 25th November (details on events page of website)

We are embracing the next eight months of Fly Fishing, not only by providing a cracking venue, superb fishing, friendly and welcoming staff, a clubhouse that serves, tea/coffee, hot sandwiches , a variety of pies from the local butcher, a HEATED Clubhouse , toilets and showers, licensed bar. We have organised several sessions that may appeal to a variety of fly fishers, from Learn How to Fl y Fish, Improve your Fly Fishing, Social Fly tying, Mystery Partner Competition, Fly Fishers Christmas Party , Icicle Challenge.

In addition to these we would like to run a Full Moon Fly Fish, Dawn Fish, Single fly and Summer Trophy Competition. These events are open to all, embracing all levels of experience and skills.

Constructive suggestions are always welcome.

Water temperatures will probably stay at around the 10/11 degree mark during October and November. When we hit single figures we will once again offer Catch and Release hopefully from December onwards.

Looking forward to welcoming you

Tight Lines

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