Open Water Swimming News 2018

We have a had a cracking summer with Open Water Swimming. Our first summer season, it proved to be popular water with a variety of swimmers; recreational, endurance and swimmers practising for events such as Triathlons, duathlons.

The buzz around the lakes were contagious, we finished the summer with a terrific team of Open Water Lifeguards, admin team and a truly creative cake maker. Thank you to all swimmers you made our summer.

Our season finished abruptly with a magnificent bloom of blue green algae, it was found to be of a type that had potential to damage swimmers liver, we had little choice but to close. The timing of this bloom was horrendous – leading up to the weekend when we were hosting a ‘Tester’ Triathlon and Open Water Swimathon. The Triathlon became a Duathlon and the Open Water Swimathon was cancelled. Really not a nice way to finish the season.

Proactivity is key here at Lenches Lakes, we are taking steps over the winter for this not to reoccur next year. It is a natural remedy and by all accounts is very effective. In addition to the inert vegetable dye we use to manage weed growth we should be able to offer Open Water swimming throughout the summer – If the water temperature allows i.e over 11 degrees C we will open during April. Sunday mornings, Tuesday evenings and Thursday evenings.

We had hoped to open for a winter weekly swim session – having researched our options we have put this idea on hold, we are visiting a few venues over the winter season to see how they manage their sessions safely, take some tips, organise specific Open Water Lifeguard Winter Training, invest in dry suits to keep our beautiful Lifeguard team snug as bugs and safe too. The Ice Mile swim seems to have quite a following – we may aim at that, swim a mile in a minimum of 4 degrees. I suspect a few will be happy having a short chilly swim and out. It has to be viable, not a gold mine but cover our costs and make some profit.

This year in addition to our regular sessions British Tri hired the lake and function room for a coaching course and RLSS ran two Lifeguard courses, Next year we would love to host a few swim events – either for private groups, Tri Clubs, Life Guard Clubs and Team, Coaching sessions. The Lakes are available to hire, it seems that each event differs in set up and safety requirements , hire price depends on length and what facilities are required. Please discuss with us.

Presently Canni Cross are hiring the whole venue on the first weekend of March 2019 – Run and Bike with your canine friend. A number of enquires were had regarding swimming with dogs sessions. – you swim with your dog, both dog and swimmer are attached with a bungee have a look at site. we hope to arrange some sessions during 2019 in the lower lake.

It has been a great first year, roll on next year, it is going to be a fabulous 2019.

Thank you to all for a wonderful summer

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